Chargée de Recherche (CR1) CNRS


• European Neolithic and Chalcolithic (Balkan, NW Europe)
• Neolithic grave goods
• Lithic technology and typology
• Territoriality and resources (Late Prehistoiry)
• Emergence of social hierarchies in Europe

General topics

My research focuses on the various phenomena included in the term chalcolithization, that is to say all the changes – social, economic, cultural, political – that affect Europe in the 5th millennium, in societies that have long been neolithizied. These changes take various forms and rhythms from one end to the other of Europe, often characterized by increasingly strong, lasting and structural hierarchies. The techno-economic study of lithic industries appears to be a relevant tool, which can be developed both in the daily life of settlements and in the funeral context. The confrontation of these contexts makes possible to approach the articulations between technical system, economic structure and social organization.

The lithic economy shows a great complexity, in its organization and in its functions, overlapping various local domestic productions and various specialized productions, the majority circulating on more or less long distances. In addition, the underlying social structures suggest very different social and economic relationships. I developed my research in two regions of Europe with different modes: in the Southeast, in the Balkans; and in the North-West, in the Paris Basin and the Rhine regions.